[THE CHYNA LIBRARY: Wrestling Diva Gets Naked]

DATE: November 26,2001
COMPANY: eonline.com

From her tough WWF character CHYNA to a Playboy spread and breast implants gone wrong, JOANIE LAURER knows how to keep up the drama! ET sat down with the former wrestling diva, to talk about life outside the ring -- and inside the Bunny empire!

ET: Is there something symbolic about the hair color change?

CHYNA: I'm moving on! Once I got roped into playing the character Chyna, there was an image to uphold. People knew me worldwide with the bleached hair.

ET: Was it an emotional experience to change hair color?

CHYNA: It felt like a lot of weight had been taken off my shoulders. I didn't have to play this character anymore.

ET: Was it your choice to leave Chyna and the WWF?

CHYNA: Yes, we were coming up on a 5-year contract renewal and they simply made me an offer I could refuse.

ET: Is there any chance that Chyna will come along again?

CHYNA: Well, I didn't burn any bridges. It was a very amicable split and it was strictly business. The next 5 years of my life are probably going to be the best. I look better than I ever have, I feel better than I ever have and I've really paid my dues. The past 6 years, I've traveled every day, worked very hard and crossed a lot of boundaries and obstacles.

When I originally started wrestling, my goal was to be in movies and television. I fully intend to move forward and achieve those goals, no matter how much of a success I was in wrestling.

ET: You were a cosmetic surgery victim?

CHYNA: Well, I wouldn't say I was a cosmetic surgery victim. People ask me if I have had cosmetic surgery, and I say "Yes, I've had cosmetic surgery implants and I had a very severe underbite fixed."

I get really irritated when there's an 18-year-old who goes out and buys breast implants because she wants to have bigger boobs. I did that because cleavage was something that I didn't have, and it was the little bit of femininity that I felt I was missing.

ET: And you had problems with the implants?

CHYNA: Yes I did have a problem. I broke one in the middle of the ring. Accidents happen. It was like a shock of pain through my chest. I was actually on a 17-day tour when that happened and each day I would put on more layers of clothing and stuff socks in one side. It was a horrible time.

Everything is back to normal -- as you'll see in the beautiful covers of Playboy magazine December 1st.

ET: Biggest impact September 11th has had on your life?

CHYNA: It was a really eerie feeling because you feel so invulnerable for so long. It's hard to imagine just how unprepared you can really be for an event like this. It just breaks my heart. And it makes you feel guilty for moving along in your day as if nothing happened. I'd like to take one of those terrorists and just strangle them too.

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