Dale met Chyna at the 2006 "Nutts for Mutts" charity dog show, to support the national animal rescue & New Leash on Life charity. Chyna was a celebrity guest judge....

"Meeting Chynna Doll at the Nuts for Mutts festival was more exciting than getting third place. Chynna Doll was so nice to me and you could tell she really liked my dog. I actually went up to her after she got done meeting with the press and she was very approachable unlike the other stars at the show who just ignored everyone. I saw her on surreal life and I expected her to be the same crazy person but the truth is she was really calm and very different than she was on surreal life she also looks like she has been working out more and is in much better shape too. I only talked to her for a few minutes but she seemed really happy with herself."

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