Are you one of Chyna's biggest fans? If you feel you should be's fan of the month please e-mail with your name, location and a paragraph as to why you feel you are Chyna's biggest fan. You may include art work, a video or photo of yourself into the website.

Each month select a fan for the fan of the month. Each fan of the month will recieve a special prize and their submission featured on


Evan H from Jamestown, NY is the September 2015 Chyna Fan of the Month. Evan has been a Chyna fan for years and has sent in some art work he created to show his support of Chyna. As a result of being selected Evan won an 8x10 photo of Chyna from her WWE days as Chyna!

"I have been a fan of Chyna's since the start of her career. I watched her every week on Raw and Smackdown and continue to follow her in her career today. I feel I am deserving to be the fan of the month because I have supported her so long and I also think Chyna should be in the hall of fame. I made some art to show this. I am not the best at paint shop but I hope this shows I am a big fan. I will continue to support Chyna for life."

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